About Us

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The mission of the UCLA Prevention Research Center is to engage in health promotion and disease prevention research, training, and dissemination activities that:

  1. Address the health needs of individuals and communities across the lifespan, with a focus on undeserved and minority populations;
  2. Build empowering relationships with partners in Los Angeles and beyond; and
  3. Directly benefit communities and/or transform local, state, and national policies

Los Angeles County is the largest county in the United States and the city of Los Angeles is the second most populace city in the country.  The city’s population is regarded as the most diverse of the nation’s largest cities. Given this diversity, Los Angeles residents demonstrate unique health promotion and disease prevention needs. 

It is the vision of the UCLA Prevention Research Center to address these needs across the lifespan by bringing together the expertise and experience of multidisciplinary faculty and staff from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, the UCLA Department of Pediatrics, and the Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health and Health Services. Together, we endeavor to engage in applied public health prevention research that addresses environmental, system-wide, and behavioral intervention solutions and strategies that address disease and disability. Our efforts include partnerships with key community stakeholders and organizations in order to develop relationships that foster the communication and trust requisite to meet the needs of the target population and have support to ensure sustainability.  

In addition, we value health equity and strive to implement evidence- and practice-based strategies in the diverse underserved and minority populations living in Los Angeles. The lessons we learn from working with these unique and sometimes vulnerable populations will allow us to disseminate findings more broadly and provide leadership and guidance in health promotion and disease prevention throughout the state of California and nationally.