Community Advisory Boards (CABs)

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We have three main community committees, a Community Advisory Board (CAB) of adult representatives from throughout Los Angeles and a Youth Community Advisory Board (YCAB) of adolescents from local high schools. Both committees are described in more detail below.

Community Advisory Board (CAB) 

The main CAB has a group of 13 members who are actively involved in our Center and come from a wide range of organizations throughout Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County Departments of Public Health and Health Services

Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, Director and Health Officer
            Los Angeles County Department of Public Health 

Mitchel H. Katz, MD, Director, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services 

Raymound Perry, MD, MSHS, Medical Director, 
            Los Angeles County Juvenile Court Health Services 

Rita Singhal, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Office of Women's Health, 
           Los Angeles County Department of Public Health 

Health Care Delivery Organizations 

Carmella Castellano-Garcia, Esq., President and Chief Executive Officer, 
            California Primary Care Association

Anil Chawla, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Clinicas del Camino Real

Ben Chu, MD, MPH, MACP, Group President, 
            Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Hawaii

Community Based Organizations 

Celia C. Ayala, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Universal Preschool 

Mike Ballue, CADC II, BSBA, Chief Strategy Officer, Behavioral Health Services 

Maribel Marin, MCP, Executive Director, 211 LA County

Veronica Padilla, MA, Executive Director, Pacoima Beautiful 

Maryjane Puffer, BSN, MPA, Executive Director, Los Angeles Trust for Children's Health, 
           Los Angeles Unified School District

Douglas L. Semark, PhD, Executive Director, Gang Alternatives Program

Regional Community Advisory Board

The Carson/Wilmington CAB has a core group of 20 members who are actively involved in our Center and who attend regular meetings. Below are a list of current CAB members. 

2013 ULCA/RAND CAB Membership List

Youth Community Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board provides a forum for 9th-12th graders to convey their opinions and perspectives as we plan and implement new research studies and programs. The YCAB consists of roughly 20 high school students from the Los Angeles area; members are expected to remain active for at least one year and preferably through high school. Visit the Youth Community Advisory Board webpages for more information.

CDC Prevention Research Centers' National Community Committee

The Center has a designated CAB member who serves as our representative to the CDC Prevention Research Centers' National Community Committee (NCC) to facilitate sharing of information among all of the Prevention Research Centers and their CABs. At least one CAB representative attends the annual NCC meeting and participates in monthly conference calls and other NCC activities. The CAB representative also gives the full CAB and the Center regular progress reports on NCC activities and shares information about promising programs, policies, and interventions that the NCC identifies. The CAB representative also has monthly meetings and regular email communications with the Center's Director, Community Liaison, and Managing Director to keep the Center leadership team informed of NCC activities.

Currently, Michael Ballue, BS/BA, serves as our CAB representative to the NCC. 

Read the CAB Guidelines for More Information