Core Research Project

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Our core research project aligns with the vision of the UCLA PRC to develop and disseminate effective chronic disease prevention programs that are implemented and institutionalized in diverse community settings to reduce disparities in health status across the lifespan.

Controlling Obesity through Organizations and Policy (CO-OP)

Through CO-OP (Controlling Obesity through Organizations and Policy) the UCLA PRC aims to address obesity control through a multi-level, multi-sector approach by working with schools, local policy makers, and community organizations. 

School-based obesity prevention and control efforts include the implementation and evaluation of Instant Recess ®, 10 minute physical activity breaks, and a water station at Carson High School in collaboration with students, staff, and administrators.

Policy-based approaches include the design and conduct of a walkability assessment in Carson. Findings from the walkability assessment are shared with the mayor, city council, and city planners in order to identify ways to increase access to active forms of transportation throughout the city. In addition, PRC staff are working with Carson to earn designation as a Healthy Eating Active Living City.

Community efforts involve implementing and evaluating the inclusion of Instant Recess® in neighborhood action council (NAC) meetings throughout Los Angeles County. NACs consist of roughly 15 members who meet weekly to make social connections, acquire skills and knowledge to improve their lives, and develop projects that benefit their neighborhoods and communities.

The experiences from this multi-level, multi-sectorial approach may provide valuable information to school officials, community leaders, and community-based organizations about how to collectively address obesity prevention at the community level. 

Center Member(s): Roshan Bastani, PhD; Paul Chung, MD, MS; Burt Cowgill, PhD