Youth Community Advisory Board

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Our Mission

To provide a dynamic community setting where teens from the Los Angeles area can improve their leadership skills, participate in important decision-making opportunities, and learn about innovative approaches to adolescent health promotion.

About the Youth Advisory Board

Through active leadership, teens will voice their ideas and insights about health issues that will help to shape the UCLA/RAND Center's research agenda and plans. Our goal is to become a model of how youth, academia, and community-based organizations work together to address important health issues affecting adolescents and others locally and nationally.

The Advisory Board:  "Where Teens Learn as Leaders"

The Advisory Board is an exciting chance for teens to prepare for a life of leadership. As the UCLA/RAND Center plans and implements new studies, we are sponsoring the Youth Advisory Board to ensure that teen opinions and perspectives are incorporated into decision making. The Advisory Board provides teens opportunities:

  • To make meaningful decisions about real world research
  • To improve leadership skills
  • To learn more about physical health issues relevant to teens
  • To improve communication and critical thinking skills
  • To improve our understanding of the link between public health research & real life issues

These opportunities are also strategies to enhance positive youth development. Similar opportunities for skill-building, leadership, and efficacy have demonstrated positive outcomes for youth including the further development of their strengths and self-efficacy (Gootman and Eccles, 2002). The Advisory Board operates within the same positive developmental framework.