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About the Youth Advisory Board

Through the Youth Advisory Board, we actively engage teens in working with the Center and our diverse community partners to identify health issues that they would like to address so we can jointly plan the Center’s research agenda. The Advisory Board provides formal and informal learning opportunities for teens via guest speakers, community talks, workshops, newsletters, and mailings.

  • Advisory Board members are between 14-18 years old, males and females, and represent the diversity of LA County
  • Advisory Board members are encouraged to remain active for the duration of their high school years
  • Advisory Board members are expected to attend multiple meetings per year
  • Advisory Board members must obtain a signed Permission Form from a parent or guardian to take part in council meetings and special activities

Youth Advisory Board members receive lifelong leadership skills and engage in real world decision-making with fellow leaders of tomorrow. The leadership skill development section of Youth Advisory Board meetings is an opportunity for members to learn public presentation and interviewing skills, decision-making skills, organizing skills, community research and advocacy skills, through structured activities. Members will participate in activities to strengthen specific leadership skills

Youth Advisory Board members are expected to use their newly developed skills and their own life experiences to contribute to a "real life" research issue. Teens will provide feedback on surveys, focus group protocols, interventions, and methodology (e.g., youth perspectives regarding the feasibility of procedures, recruitment and outreach strategies, etc). They will also advise us on numerous projects and activities and help us identify topics to be included in our research agenda.

Advisory Board meetings will occur after-school from 5:00 - 7:00 PM. The Advisory Board meets multiple times per year, generally in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer of each school year.

Food and refreshments will be provided at every meeting.